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The Good News Club at Orangewood Elementary this year has a lot of fifth graders, many of which are attending for the the first time this year! Within the first three weeks of club, one student accepted Christ as his Savior; now he is always ready and willing to serve and help in the club. Although that alone brought the team excitement, what happened a few weeks later was another incredible testimony of how God is at work in our public schools!


There are two kindergarten students in this club who do not speak English very well and the Lord provided dedicated volunteers to assist in translating the club for these young boys. One week when the volunteers were unable to attend club, the fifth grader who accepted Christ quickly volunteered and offered to translate! They quietly sat in the back as he translated each part of club, including the Bible Lesson, to the student. During the invitation this little kindergartner responded and wanted to go back to be counseled for salvation!

Together the counselor and student translator reviewed the Gospel and this young kindergartner accepted Christ! "God had everything in His hands," said Rita Massey, the team leader. She mentioned it was one of those weeks where God was teaching her to not put things in the hands of man, but put them in God's hands.


God not only used His people in the schools to share the Gospel with children, but He used a young believer to lead another child to Him a few weeks later!

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